A Bevy of Easter Witches and Their Cat
(for Jonathan)

The second story in the book tells what happens when Tetbury Troll,
the third smallest Troll child, joins his sisters on their
annual Easter Witch
expedition on Palm Sunday. But being the kind of kid he is - let's just say
he doesn't have to go looking for trouble; trouble looks for him - well,
happen. And then the real witches come out... Read about Tetbury's
adventure and find out if he learns anything from his experience!

Below you can see a picture of some Finnish Easter witches. They don't
look too scary, do they? What they do is like trick-or-treating at Halloween.
They give people decorated pussy willow branches to brighten up the house,
and the people give them a bit of money or candy, which goes in the old-
style coffee pot one of the witches is carrying.

Easter witches

Ulla Etto