First Snow

You can tell when the snow comes that winter is getting near. And this
is the ninth story in the book, the next-to-last one.
The main character
is Theresa Troll, the second oldest Troll child. A new girl-troll moves
into the neighborhood. Doe's family have had to leave their
and move to Lapland. Unfortunately, not everyone is eager
to have people
who look and act differently living near them. Theresa
 knows how to make
Doe feel
welcome in her new home. But what will happen when the school
bullies start teasing Doe? Will Theresa be able to help her new friend?

You can see a picture of Theresa cross-country skiing below. From the
look on her face, you can tell she's determined to win the race. But she
also has a vulnerable side. Find out more by reading the story!

Theresa skiing

Ulla Etto