Midsummer is a major festival in all the Nordic countries: the celebration
of the summer solstice. And this year it's an extra-special holiday for the
Troll family. In the fifth story in the book, Timothy Troll, the oldest Troll
child, has some foreign penpals who have come to visit him,
Liza and Peter.
They want to find out all about life in Lapland, and most
of all, they want
to see the midnight sun. Meanwhile, some of the Troll 
girls have a special
plan that involves Liza and Timothy, a well, some flowers and a bit of
Midsummer magic. Will their plans work? Read the story and find out
what happens! You'll also meet Romulus, the family's pet reindeer.

You can see a picture of Timothy below. He looks kind of impatient,
doesn't he? Well, he's waiting for his friends to arrive, and the train
is late. I'm sure you'd be impatient, too!


Ulla Etto