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Audio Recordings of Where Is Turnip Troll,
and Other Stories from Lapland

I have been recording the stories from Where Is Turnip Troll at
HarMony Recording studio in Rovaniemi, with Harri Mommo working

as sound engineer. The recording has gone rather quickly, but the
editing is a long, slow process. Though most of the material has already
been recorded, I've only had time to edit three of the stories so far.
As usual, life - or work - has a way of getting in the way...
I have not yet decided in what form the recordings will eventually be
but I will post some excerpts here, and more will come in the
future as I have
time to work on them.

The original recordings are in WAV format (44100 Hz, 16 bits - CD quality).
The excerpts here are MP3, 128 kps.

The Dancing Haystacks - Excerpt 1 (Finnish mosquitoes)
The Dancing Haystacks - Excerpt 2 (Things start to get scary)
Midsummer - Excerpt 1 (Peter and Liza arrive)
Midsummer - Excerpt 2 (Going to watch the Midnight Sun)

The Dancing Haystacks - Outtake (Relief comes at last)
(Notice the helpful support from Engineer Mommo at 00.19!)