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Tetbury Troll

Tetbury Troll is the third smallest Troll child. He’s a little bit wild,
the way kids are when they’re his age. (You can try to guess how
old he is by looking at his picture.) He’s the star of the second story
in the book, "A Bevy of Easter Witches and Their Cat". Tetbury
joins his sisters on their annual Easter Witch expedition on Palm
Sunday, but, being the kind of kid he is, he can’t help but get into
trouble. And then the real witches come out... Read about Tetbury's
adventure and find out if he learns anything from his experience!

Here's a picture of Tetbury from the middle of the story - before
things get scary. He's holding an old-style coffee pot in one hand.
That's what Finnish Easter witches (and Easter cats) use to collect
their earnings.

Tetbury cat

© Ulla Etto