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Thaddeus Troll

Thaddeus Troll is the fifth smallest Troll child, and he's the family
trickster – a bit like Coyote in the stories of some Native Americans.
He's also the family comedian, but often he's the only one who thinks
he's funny. He doesn’t really mean to cause trouble, but somehow
trouble just seems to follow him around. In "The Dancing Haystacks",
the seventh story in the book, you'll find out what happens when Thaddeus
tries to trick his younger brother and sister in an unusual contest organized
during the long, summery, mosquitoey days of the Lappish hay-making
season. The story is a bit scary, so don't read it just before you go to bed!

Thaddeus is so tricky that we could't even get a picture of him for this
page. But here's a picture of someone he meets during the story. In fact
he meets more than one! Watch out!


© Ulla Etto