The Dancing Haystacks

Thaddeus Troll, the fifth smallest child in the Troll family, thinks
he's the clever one. In the seventh story in the book, Thaddeus tries
to trick his younger brother and sister in an unusual contest organized
during the long, summery, mosquitoey days of the Lappish hay-making
season. Have you ever seen a real haystack, where the farmers pile the
hay on wooden stakes in the field to dry? Well, Thaddeus sees more of
them than he wants to see. And they're doing things haystacks aren't
supposed to do. Read the story to find out if the trickster succeeds with
his scheme or if he ends up getting tricked himself.

Below you can see a picture of a mosquito. Don't worry, the real ones
aren't as big as the one in the picture! Ulla, the illustrator, wanted you
to see what they look like up close. Mosquitos play an important role in
this story.


Ulla Etto