The Dream of Wooden Horses
(for Nora)

This story, which is the sixth one in the book, takes place in summertime.
Tick-Tack Troll, the fourth smallest Troll child, is having trouble getting
along with her brothers and sisters. They think it's all her fault, and you
can guess what she thinks! Grandma Troll goes on a trip and sends Tick-
Tack a postcard with a picture of some beautiful painted wooden horses.
And then
one night the horses come all the way to Lapland to fetch her...
What will happen
 if she leaves her family behind to ride with the red, blue,
green and purple
horses? Read the story and find out!

Here's a picture of Tick-Tack riding one of the horses. The horse it taking
a pretty big jump. Do you think Tick-Tack will be able to hold on?

Tick-Tack riding

Ulla Etto