The May Day Balloons

May Day is an important holiday in Finland: a bit like Carnival or Mardi
Gras. The third story in the book tells
what happens when Thomas Troll,
the third oldest Troll child, goes
with Papa Troll to get the balloons for the
family's May Day celebration.
When Thomas meets a girl-troll with green
eyes and a cute nose at the marketplace, his heart goes off on a little

adventure all of its own... Will Thomas remember to get the right balloons?
Will he be able to deliver them safely home, where his brothers and sisters
are waiting impatiently?
Celebrate May Day with the Troll family and learn
all about this important Finnish holiday!

You can see Thomas riding in the wagon below. (That's Papa Troll wearing
his special May Day cap and driving the horse.) Do you suppose Thomas
got the right balloons? Look at his face! Have you ever felt like that?


Ulla Etto