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Theodore Troll

The last story in the book, "Winter", tells about Theodore Troll.
He's one
of the middle kids, the fifth oldest. Maybe it's the pressure
of being "lost"
in the middle of the family, or maybe it's because he's
naturally sensitive,
or maybe it's just the time of year. But Theodore's
got the blues. Not even
Christmas can cheer him up. Can you imagine
eating carrot casserole (a
special Finnish Christmas dish) AND getting a
magic kit for a present AND
having ten brothers and sisters to share the
fun and still being sad? Well,
that's what happens to Theodore. Fortunately,
Grandpa Troll is there to help
him put things in perspective. The northern
lights dance like curtains of green
mist in the sky, and finally the sun returns
after the long polar night, bringing
 light and life to Theodore and the rest of
the Troll family once again. Another
year in Lapland is ready to begin.

Here's a picture of Theodore. It's taken from the first story. Theodore is
standing on top of a Lappish fell (a big hill with no trees) and pulling a sled.
At the end of the book, he returns to the same place.

Theodore with a sled

Ulla Etto