The Old Wooden Bucket

The eighth story in the book tells about Tina Troll. Now, all Finns love
nature, and the members of the Troll family love nature more than almost
anyone else, but Tina is the most nature-loving one of all. And picking berries
every year - blueberries, cloudberries, crowberries, raspberries, strawberries,
bog whortleberries, lingonberries and cranberries (just to mention a few) - is
an important part of Tina's life. Find out more about Tina and the beautiful
unspoiled nature of Lapland by reading the story!

Below you can see a picture of an old, dead, standing pine tree. In Finland,
these old dead trees are so important that they have a special name of their
kelo. Notice how the wood is twisted around like a corkscrew and all the
bark has fallen off. There's an old tree like this one in this story. It guards the
forest where Tina is sitting in the picture on the cover of the book.


Ulla Etto