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Theresa Troll

Theresa Troll is the oldest girl in the Troll family, the second
oldest child. That's an important position with a lot of responsibility,
as you can imagine. But Theresa is equal to the task. Read "First
Snow", the ninth story in the book, and find out what happens when
a new girl-troll moves into the neighborhood. Doe and her family have
had to leave their homeland and move to Lapland. Unfortunately, not
everyone is eager to have people who look and act differently living
nearby. But Theresa and her brothers and sisters do their best to make
Doe feel welcome in her new home.

You can see a picture of Theresa cross-country skiing below. From the
look on her face, you can tell she's determined to win the race. But she
 also has a vulnerable side, which you can discover by reading her story.

Theresa skiing

Ulla Etto