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Thomas Troll

The third story in the book, "The May Day Balloons", tells
Thomas Troll. He's the third oldest Troll child and he's
getting close
to the age when strange things start happening
to your body. (If you're
a teenager or older, you know what
I'm talking about. If you're younger,
just wait a few years and
you'll see what I mean.) When Thomas meets
a girl-troll with
green eyes at the marketplace, his heart goes off on a little

adventure all of its own... Find out what happens when Thomas
goes with
Papa Troll to get the balloons for the family's May Day
celebration. (And if
you've ever wondered how the Finnish composer
Jean Sibelius's face would
look on a balloon, you can find out by
looking at p. 52.) Celebrate May Day
with the Troll family and
learn all about this important Finnish holiday!

Here's a picture of Thomas riding in the family wagon (since
they don't have a car). Papa Troll is driving the horse, and he's
wearing his special May Day cap. Do you think Thomas has
already met the pretty girl-troll? How can you tell?


Ulla Etto