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Tick-Tack Troll 

You can tell from looking at the picture of Tick-Tack Troll in the
family portrait that shes kind of shy. But when the fourth smallest
Troll child gets wound up, she's full of energy; and when she gets into
a bad mood, things can go wrong for the whole Troll family! Read
"The Dream of Wooden Horses", the sixth story in the book, and
find out if Tick-Tack learns to control her temper. Ill give you a hint:
a horse with a purple mane and purple stars on its flanks helps her
understand something really important. And Grandma Troll is there
to help, too.

Here you can see a picture of Tick-Tack. She doesn't look like she's
in a very good mood, does she? If I were you, I wouldn't get too close
till she calms down - if she ever calms down!

Tick-Tack angry

Ulla Etto