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Timothy Troll

Timothy Troll is the oldest Troll child. You can tell from looking at
his picture in the family portrait that he's a teenager, which means
he has quite a bit of experience in life.You can read about him in
"Midsummer", the fifth story in the book. His foreign penpals, Peter
and Liza, are eager to find out all about life in Lapland by visiting the
Troll family, and Timothy is happy to be their guide. Come along with
Peter and Liza and learn about the traditions of the Finnish Midsummer
festival and meet some of the animals that live in Lapland, including a
reindeer and a few mosquitoes (well, maybe more than just a few...).
At the end of the story, you'll catch a glimpse of the midnight sun
shining above the fells and marshes of the Far North.

Here's a picture of Timothy. He's waiting for his friends to arrive,
and the train is late. He's starting to get impatient. If you think how
excited he is to meet his friends, you can understand how he feels.


Ulla Etto