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Tina Troll

Tina Troll is the second oldest Troll girl. You can tell from the picture
of her in the family portrait that she's kind of a mama's girl. If you
look closely at the cover of the book, you'll notice that's Tina sitting
quietly in the middle of the forest on a chilly autumn day. In the eighth
 story in the book, "The Old Wooden Bucket", you'll find out all about
 Tina and her love of nature, how she likes to pick lingonberries, those
 tart little red berries that grow in Finnish forests and that make the
best jam and juice in the world.

Below you can see a picture of some lingonberries. They grow all over
Lapland, but you probably don't have them where you live (except maybe
high in the mountains). So if you want to taste one, you'll have to come
to Lapland in late summer and pick berries with Tina!


Ulla Etto