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Turnip Troll

The first story in the book is called "Where Is Turnip Troll?"
And it tells about…  Well, you can probably guess, can’t you?
Turnip Troll, the youngest member of the Troll family, gets lost
during one of those long winter nights in Lapland, and the whole
family has to try to find him. Read about the funny – and just a
little bit scary – things that happen as the Troll children
search for
their youngest brother by skiing, sledding and ice skating

Since Turnip is only three years old, he never sits still. The
only picture that we managed to get of him is the one in the
family portrait; one of his big sisters, Tillie, grabbed him and
managed to hold on to him long enough to get the picture
taken. But below you can see another picture from the story;
it's Ticklish, Turnip's slightly bigger sister, looking for him.
She looks tired because she didn't sleep very well - and
it's all because of Turnip!

 Ticklish looking for Turnip

Ulla Etto