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Meet Ulla Etto, the illustrator of
Where Is Turnip Troll, and
Other Stories from Lapland

My name is Ulla Etto, and I did the
illustrations and layout for Michael Hurd's
children's book Where Is Turnip Troll, and
Other Stories from Lapland.

I grew up in Rovaniemi, so I'm a Finn and
a native of Lapland. I still live here in the
same small town, where I work as a
graphic designer and illustrator. I have
worked on several exhibitions and book
projects, including my own comic book

Joulupukin päiväkirja (it's in Finnish;
the title means "Santa Claus's Diary").
I also did the illustrations for a children’s
history book called Priitu Rovaniemen
markkinoilla. The book tells about a
young girl named Priitu who visits the
famous Rovaniemi Market in 1911.

Here's a link to my webpage:
www.ullaetto.com, where you can see
some of my illustrations for Where Is
Turnip Troll as well as other pictures (click
on "Lastenkirjoja / Children's Books").

Dog picture

I'm very fond of children, dogs, history,
humor and Lapland.

Book cover

Pictures © Ulla Etto