Where Is Turnip Troll?

In the first story in the book, Turnip Troll, the youngest member
of the Troll family, gets lost during one of those long winter nights in
Lapland, and the whole family has to try to find him. And Ticklish
Troll, the second youngest member of the family, is the one who
leads the
search! Read about the funny – and a bit scary - things
that happen
 as the Troll children search for their youngest brother
by skiing, sledding and
ice skating!

Here's a picture of one of the older brothers who's looking for
Turnip Troll. It's Theodore. He's standing on top of a Lappish fell
(a big hill with no trees on top) and pulling a sled. The sled has
a flat bottom and no runners so it can coast on top of the snow,
which is usually very deep at this time of year.

Theodore with a sled

Ulla Etto