(for Robert Steven Lohner)

This is the tenth and last story of the book. It's set in the middle of
winter, during the Christmas holidays, so the cycle is complete and
we're back where we started in the first story. Theodore Troll, the

fifth oldest Troll child, has got the blues, and not even Christmas can
cheer him up - Christmas, with all the presents, the decorations, the
company of family and friends, and all the special Finnish Christmas
foods like carrot casserole and warm lingonberry juice! Fortunately,
Grandpa Troll is there to help Theodore put things in perspective.
The northern lights dance like curtains of green mist in the sky, and
finally the sun returns after the long polar night, bringing light and
life to Theodore and the rest of the Troll family once again. Another
year in Lapland is ready to begin.

Several people have asked me who Robert Steven Lohner is. (You
may have noticed that I dedicated this story to him.) And to those
people I have said - and I say to you, too: a man has to have some
secrets, hasn't he?

Below you can see a picture of Theodore standing on top of a Lappish
fell (a big hill). The picture is taken from the first story, not this one,
but in this story Theodore ends up back on top of the same fell. Is he
older and wiser than
he was a year ago? What about you? Are you
older and wiser than you were a year ago?


Ulla Etto